Buying biodiversity units, simplified

Our digital exchange matches you with the optimum units available for your development, transforming the process from complicated and time-consuming to fast and cost-effective. The right match in minutes, not months.

The BNGx advantage

We’ve made it easy. You upload your metric file and BNGx finds you the right units. It really is as simple as that.


Upload your metric file directly to the exchange

There’s no need to decode your biodiversity data or change the format, we’ve made it easy. Simply upload your metric directly into BNGx


Get your tailored match back in moments

Our exchange finds the right package of units for your development taking into account all the details, such as spatial and temporal modifiers and the complex habitat trading rules.


Complete your purchase in just one click

When you’ve reviewed your match and are ready to buy your units, you can stay in-platform to execute the trade – you just have to click ‘buy’.


The trade is automatically processed

BNGx documents, executes and processes the transaction right there and then.


Your completed metric is ready to go

Your purchased off-site units are added to your metric ready to submit to your LPA, so you can get on with your development.

If you’re ready to buy now, access BNGx and try it for yourself.


Still have questions about buying on BNGx?

We’re confident there’s no better way to solve securing off-site biodiversity net gain, and we highly recommend trying our exchange yourself. We’ve also gathered some frequently asked questions opposite. If your question isn’t answered here, please feel free to get in touch.

Contact us

You will be invited to upload your development’s metric file onto the exchange. Once uploaded, we automatically calculate all possible ways offsite units could fulfil the biodiversity gain objective for your site and match you to the best currently available stock.

Yes. Just upload your metric file. BNGx works out what possible offsite solutions there are for your development and match you against the stock listed by suppliers, finding you the best outcome.

After uploading your metric file, our powerful algorithm returns matches in seconds. We’re confident it’s faster than any manual method and, crucially, it’s optimised to find you your best options, not just whichever ones you come across first.

If you like what you see, all you need to do is click the “purchase” button and proceed to checkout. The exchange will document, execute and process the transaction, and update your metric file, ready for you to get on with development.

Payments via our platform are processed with Stripe, the world’s leading provider of online payment systems and web financial infrastructure products, to keep you safe and secure. Stripe is top-rated, FCA-regulated, and fully compliant with modern security standards (such as PCI DSS).

Yes. We document, process and execute the transaction, including the transfer of the units into your metric, ready to submit to your LPA. We also provide you with the completed forms to send to Natural England, so that registering your new units is a painless process.

All units on the exchange are fully registered with Natural England and compliant with the statutory biodiversity net gain regime. We partner with leading rewilding organisations and biodiversity suppliers such as Nattergal to connect you with the leading sources of units. Suppliers must apply to list on the exchange.

It’s up to you to decide if offsite gains are the right solution for your site. Where you want to purchase an offsite solution from the market, we can help you find the right units for your site in minutes rather than months, whether you have achieved onsite gains or not.

We fill your metric with your new units, so you do not need to edit it. We also provide you with all the relevant documents about the gain site(s) your units come from, which your LPA may wish to see. You may need to update your Biodiversity Gain Plan to refer to your new units; to help with this, we provide a handy annex that you can attach, with all the key information included.

Simply create an account and upload your metric. Resolving your biodiversity net gain requirements is just minutes, not months, away.