We make selling biodiversity units easy

The government’s biodiversity net gain policy presents an opportunity to safeguard our landscapes for future generations. For landowners, it is an opportunity to restore habitat whilst creating a new, diversifying revenue stream. Our cutting-edge digital exchange allows you to make your units available to buyers across the country and sell them safely and efficiently. You simply upload your metric files and set your price parameters. We’ll do the rest.

Selling with the BNGx marketplace

Our algorithm matches suitable buyers with your units and allows them to buy with just one click. Trades are automatically executed, documented and processed, all without you getting tied into calls, meetings and negotiations.

We connect you with a nationwide market

We make your units available to buyers across the country and showcase them where they are the right fit for a development.

Upload your portfolio and set your prices

Getting your gain sites onto the exchange takes just a few clicks. `Upload your metric, set your price and we do the rest.

Our coding matches your units with buyers

The world-class algorithm at the heart of BNGx instantly flags your units to developers for whom they are the right match.

Automatic processing and documentation

BNGx processes the trade in real time, producing the sales documentation for both parties and updating your portfolio.

It’s the simplest way to sell your biodiversity units

By putting your units in front of developers across the country and automating the sales process, we lower the transaction costs and complexity of selling your units.

Interested in selling your biodiversity units? Get in touch with our team to learn more.


BNGx takes away the heavy lifting associated with selling your units

The cost of selling units, especially to small site developers, can quickly become prohibitively expensive. BNGx removes the complexity, streamlines the process and reduces the costs associated with selling to this market. Our digital exchange presents your units to buyers throughout the country, keeping your portfolio up to date in real time and managing the execution, documentation and processing of trades.


BNGx is the safe, secure and simple way to manage your unit portfolio

Remove the complex management of your biodiversity net gain portfolio with our automated, cutting-edge platform. Our algorithm eliminates the need to analyse whether you can fulfil a buyer’s needs and the automated trade execution removes the challenge of calculating what data to transfer to their metric. Sales are tracked in real time and both unit and geographic measures of your stock kept in perfect sync, so you’ll never need to worry about double-selling your units. And it’s all wrapped in world-class financial infrastructure created with Stripe and documented by leading global law firm DLA Piper.


Still have questions about selling with us?

Our exchange is driven by world-class coding, but we have a great team of people behind our platform, so feel free to get in touch or apply to list with us. You can also find the answers to our most commonly asked questions opposite.

Contact us

A seller will not be able to sell units on the exchange unless their habitat site is listed on the Register run by Natural England.

Please complete our contact form (see link here), and we will get back to you.

  • You will need to agree to both our terms and conditions and our Seller’s Agreement, which together set out the rules governing use of and selling on the exchange.
  • You’ll complete our onboarding form, provided in partnership with our payment services provider, Stripe. Stripe will conduct Know Your Client (“KYC”) and Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) checks on our behalf. They will also process all payments made via the exchange.
  • You will be invited to upload your metric file(s) to the exchange. We will provide helpful links to make that process easy.
  • Finally, we will ask you to set your price parameters for each habitat site and confirm how much of your inventory you wish to make available to the market. You can change these parameters at any time.

Simply upload your metric file(s). We automatically break out your inventory on each site, ready for you to set pricing and availability. Gain sites can be added at any time from your dashboard.

We will invite you to set the price parameters for each saleable habitat type on your site(s) and confirm how much of your inventory you wish to make available to market. You can also set a de minimis price for your units. You can change these parameters at any time.

You can withdraw unsold habitat from the exchange at any time.