A cutting-edge digital marketplace matching buyers with biodiversity units

Our innovative exchange uses advanced coding to match buyers with available units from high-quality sellers, then streamlines and documents the trade.


Discover how our matching algorithm and automated platform enable you to meet your off-site BNG requirements.

The automated solution to biodiversity net gain

Find off-site units without the complexity

Sourcing off-site units is complex. There are trading rules, spatial modifiers and hundreds of habitat types. And that’s before you get to the commercials. BNGx solves for both; our matching algorithm finds you the right units under biodiversity net gain rules at the best available price, letting you sort off-site biodiversity net gain in minutes, not months.

Units found

See your options without the wait

It couldn’t be simpler. Upload your biodiversity metric and our platform finds your options for off-site units in seconds. Easily see the impact on your site; our algorithm works directly with the metric, so you can see the actual effect of a proposed solution right from the get-go.

Metric transformed, documents delivered

The trade is automatically processed and documented

If you like the units we find, they can be purchased in one click. We will automatically execute, document and process the transaction – including updating your metric – so you can get back to working on your development. It’s that easy.

Shared expertise

Our partnerships


Nattergal works to deliver nature recovery at scale, benefitting society and delivering sustainable financial returns.

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Joe’s Blooms

Joe’s Blooms helps small property developers comply with England’s biodiversity net gain regulations.

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