What makes BNGx different?

BNGx is the leading digital marketplace matching buyers with biodiversity units. We offer buyers and sellers:

A simple service.

Our exchange provides a full, end-to-end solution for buying and selling offsite units, accessed through a single portal that matches buyers with highly tailored packages of units that are right for their development. 

Buyers can arrive with nothing but their metric sheet and, in less than a minute, be presented with a bespoke package of units suitable for their development, taking into account all the complex trading and other rules relating to location of the units, habitat classification, and so on.  

They can also have total confidence that the price and fees they see are the price and fees they will pay, with no unexpected add-ons.

A service they can be confident in.

We have created the leading digital marketplace for offsite units, giving buyers confidence that they can access the right array of units needed for their development site, and sellers the confidence that their units will be accessible by a national market of buyers. 

By working with great partners, such as Nattergal (one of the UK’s premier offsite unit providers), DLA Piper (who helped us produce the first-class legal documentation which underpins the exchange), and Joe’s Blooms, we can offer buyers and sellers the knowledge that they can use our exchange with confidence.

An end-to-end solution for buyers and sellers.

We document, process, and execute the transaction for buyers and sellers alike.  For buyers, this includes updating their metric to reflect the purchase of units, and generating completed allocation forms so that registering new units with Natural England is as painless as possible.  For sellers, this includes updating their portfolio records to reflect the sale of units.

What is the alternative – for buyers?

The alternative to using BNGx for developers is manually searching for offsite units to purchase by contacting sellers individually, asking for quotes and availability over email or via inquiry forms, and collating piecemeal information over a long period of time. 

Even once suitable offsite units are found, compliance and paperwork must be handled separately, and legal fees will likely be incurred on top of the cost of the units themselves. 

All the while the initial quotes they received may expire or prices may move, and there will be no transparency.

Alternatively, a buyer could engage an agent or broker, but again there would be delay, layers of fees, and less transparency. 

What is the alternative – for sellers?

The alternative to using BNGx for sellers would again entail engaging with agents or brokers, or manually undertaking the marketing, selling, execution, and processing of trade, and the ongoing maintenance of portfolio records.

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