How does BNGx work?

BNGx is the leading digital marketplace matching buyers with biodiversity units. 

We allow people to buy and sell biodiversity units tailored to their specific needs, by offering both buyers and sellers a simple service, on a marketplace they can be confident in, that handles all the paperwork and compliance for them. 

We do this by providing an end-to-end exchange, using our best-in-class technology to match buyers with the most appropriate offsite units for their development from sellers, in full compliance with the principles of BNG, in a way which is transparent, fair, and intuitive. 

If the buyer wants to proceed, we then document, execute, and process the transaction in seconds, providing both buyer and seller with all the relevant paperwork, in the right formats, to register the purchase.

This leaves the buyer with the most appropriate offsite units available, at a fair price, to get on with their development, and gives the seller a quick and painless sale. 

How does it work – for buyers?

Our exchange quickly and transparently shows buyers an array of the suitable units for their offsite needs, with no obligation to buy.

All buyers need to do is upload their metric file directly to the exchange, and they will be shown tailored packages of available units suitable for their development, in line with all the complex rules around modifiers and habitat type, in moments. 

From here what happens is up to the buyer. If they wish to proceed, they can purchase the units with one click, and BNGx documents, executes, and processes the transaction right there and then, and the units are added to their metric ready to submit to the LPA, so they can get on with their development.

Crucially though the buyer retains choice, and can opt not to purchase the available units at no cost or obligation to themselves.

How does it work – for sellers?

Our exchange not only connects sellers with a nationwide market of buyers for whom they represent a bespoke and tailored source of offsite units, but also automatically documents, executes, and processes sales, thereby lowering the transaction costs and complexity of selling your units. 

To access this national marketplace, sellers simply need to upload their units to the exchange in the form of their completed metric sheet, and set their prices. 

From here, the world-class algorithm at the heart of BNGx instantly flags your units to developers for whom your units would be a great match. When they are sold, we process the trade in real time, producing the sales documentation for both parties and updating your portfolio instantly.

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